Saturday, September 26, 2009

Refashioned Rollee Pollee Pack

I'm feeling kind of proud of myself over this instructions...just a hand-me-down pack, a seam ripper, some stock fabric, ribbon and Berdi (my sewing machine).

E started pre-school and I received a "Rollee Pollee" that the school had left over from a previous student for free (yeah!) - I knew the family that had used it and I trust it was clean and gently used! :) The nap-time blanket was in excellent condition but the clear plastic backpack that you put it in was pretty beat up...and I just couldn't have E toting around just anything, could I?

So I rumaged through my stash of fabric, seam ripped the beat up plastic thing to use as a patern (saving the arm straps...because some how those stayed in pretty good condition) and ta-da!!

E is so stylin'!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

STELLA! Pillows

Even my little girl has her moments...for those special tantrums when I need her to hit/bite something other than me or my furniture I've made her these t-shirt pillows. Super easy, no cost (used some worn t-shirts E had grown out of), and totally effective. When the girl's frustrated she's just got to let it out...and now she let's it loose on something other than my furniture - so after this whole terrible two stage is over I'll still have all my couch pillows intact - yeah!

Ceri saw the pillows last night and she suggested making little purses out of old little girl shirts. Cute idea huh? I'll have to put that on the to-do list!

(The Name inspired by Marlon Brando and his performance in A Streetcar Named Desire.)