Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apothecary Console

This was mine and my husband's project over my Spring Break.  We were in the market for a new console and after looking and looking and only finding things that I loved in the $500+ dollar range we needed to come up with a plan B.  Enter Ana White from knock off wood. That woman is amazing.  Matt (my husband) is pretty amazing too.  He just needed me to tell him what I wanted. I was looking through her sight and saw this. gorgeous. It got even better. We could cut the cost by a lot by using my childhood dresser and refurbishing it.
The Before:

1. Changed the top because it wasn't real wood that could be sanded down and re-stained
2. Removed and discarded top 3 drawers. Converted to segmented shelves. 
3. Replaced the drawer fronts
4. Painted blue

I'm in love.

total cost: $75 (ish)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's for Dinner?

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar blogged about these 5 meals in 1 hour.  Ceri and I have jumped aboard and are riding the awesome wave that is 5 meals in 1 hour.  To celebrate this new chapter in my family's dinner life I made this board.

It was a collaborative effort.  I called Ceri up one day on my way to Goodwill with this "dinner plate" idea (mounting plates and using white board markers to write on them) but I needed help on how to mount or hang them.  She came up with the board idea.  genius, yes?  (She totally got the brains of the family) I bought all the supplies then enlisted my husband to do the manual labor of cutting all the wood. Then before I new it it was done and hanging on my wall.  Isn't it beautiful?  I think it would be great as a piece of art too - no writing needed.

Taking pictures of my writing makes me want to go back to elementary school and work on my handwriting! sheesh....

Hopefully Ceri will make hers soon.  I think she's may go with a different color scheme that sounds totally awesome! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

It's good to be back

Over the past few months new babies have made life busy and a few unsuccessful boutiquing has given us a case of the debbie downers.  BUT now that we have more energy (ha!) and a new outlook we're ready to be back.  It's not like we stopped crafting and doing boutiques...we just didn't blog about it. 

We had a great time the past two weekends setting up boutiques in front of our homes.  We got some surprisingly good traffic - but best of all we had some good, quality sister time. This is our spread from yesterday.

These are new: Aprons and Oven Mitts - I love them so much! 

Hair wraps...I honestly wear one in my hair almost every day...(um...take a look at the peg board that they are clipped on...Ceri had just painted it and is now hanging in her craft room as her spool organizer (love, love, love the gray scalloped edges!))
All of our baby/toddler items.  Check out the adorable toddler ties in the middle right.  ADORABLE! Prime looks like such a stud in his!
Some more...

And this is me...I thought Ceri was reviewing some pictures...not taking one and I was being...well...whatever...I like it...