Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super Hero Cape

I had so much fun putting this cape together. Let me just say that I'm in love with fusible webbing! A totally easy, fun, and fast project! I hope Emmie's little buddy (who's name also begins with an E) loves this cape as much as Emmie did. I'm thinking she's going to need one now too! The neck fits her a little big...but her buddy is bigger than her so I have no doubt that it will be perfect for him! I used Puking Pastilles tutorial - I changed some things to make it my own - but the basics are very clear cut and easy to follow!
E is using her super power's to measure he daddy's drum set!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Berdi's Back!

Oh how I've missed you!

Now that she's back I have got to get busy!

Baby boy is only 10 weeks away...give or take.
On my To Do list:

One of these for one of Em's buddies:

Lot's of these:
(in boy print of course)

One of these:
(the crib set...not mobile...but come to think of it...maybe I should add that to my to do!)

Something like this:
(because why buy a moby wrap...when you can make your own NO SEW wrap for a fraction of the price!!! I LOVE my ring sling...but it's tricky when the baby is bran new but I've only heard really good things about this for the tiny new ones!)

And something a little like this:
(Anyone else have issues with the hooter hider cover?)

Well...that's it for now. I'm sure my list will grow as these projects get done! who knows if I will get to it all! Second semester is a busy time of year for a teacher!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What happens when I loose things....

My sister loaned me her sewing machine and not only did the foot fall off and get lost while in my did the flimsy vinyl cover (those dinky one's that come with the machine). I searched EVERYWHERE and didn't find anything - no foot, no cover, nothing. The only thing that I can think that happened it that I got a little too zellous in nesting mode and accidently threw it out. But I really don't know. I told my sister about the missing foot but couldn't bring my self to tell her about the cover.

Anyways I went out and bought a replacement for both at Joann's but when I got home I felt really poopy about the cover. It didn't have a nice hole for the handle...I wanted it to have a hole for the handle. I knew if the replacement I got didn't have a handle that my sister would hold it against me for the rest of my life - I have too many things that she holds over me...I didn't want the list to grow so what did I do? I pouted for a while....kicked a door and then....TA - DA...the light went on - I will MAKE her a cover!

I found this tutorial and got to work. I think it came out good - I think I would definitely do the binding on the handle hole differently if I could do it over....but it's a first pancake right?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Holly

I've had this fabric for months. And now I've finally finished was silly how long it took me to finish this project - mostly because I just kept pushing it to the back burner while I finished all my other projects. Well know that it's done I hope Holly enjoys it! I love the yellow cuddly fabric!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now that the holiday's are over....

...I can finally share all the gifts I made! Next year it's all about "Christmas in July" having those gifts done and over so I can actually enjoy the season. This year between the boutiques and Christmas it was a little much....not to say it wasn't was just a lot at once!

Beaded necklace for my sister and sister-in-law
(idea from U Create)
Snuggle blankets for my 4 month old nephew
Slippers for my sister-in-law
A ruffled pillow for my cousin

A tote for my mother-in-law

Ceri and I put together this: The ultimate baby/Christmas gift for our cousin who just had a baby
From left to right
top row: Swaddle blankets, burp-clothes, wash-clothes, soft cubed ball, diaper and wipe envelope, sling.
bottom row: appliqued onsies, snow hat, leg warmers, snuggle blanket, tote bag

Not pictured:
car visor covers for my dad
etched mugs for my brother and brother-in-law

It was busy...but it was worth it! I'll definitely do it again...but new time I'll be planning my time I said, "Christmas in July" is were it's at!