Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apothecary Console

This was mine and my husband's project over my Spring Break.  We were in the market for a new console and after looking and looking and only finding things that I loved in the $500+ dollar range we needed to come up with a plan B.  Enter Ana White from knock off wood. That woman is amazing.  Matt (my husband) is pretty amazing too.  He just needed me to tell him what I wanted. I was looking through her sight and saw this. gorgeous. It got even better. We could cut the cost by a lot by using my childhood dresser and refurbishing it.
The Before:

1. Changed the top because it wasn't real wood that could be sanded down and re-stained
2. Removed and discarded top 3 drawers. Converted to segmented shelves. 
3. Replaced the drawer fronts
4. Painted blue

I'm in love.

total cost: $75 (ish)


  1. I found you on an internet search, this is just what I am hoping to do with a dresser at my house! Beautiful work, thank you for sharing.