Thursday, April 14, 2011

carseat uplift

Third baby + first girl = greatest excuse to redo a very loved carseat!  
This was my first carseat I did (Ceri has done a bunch) and I went into it thinking, "no big deal...I'm good with a seam ripper and a sewing machine...I can piece problem." What I didn't expect was that THIS carseat was European...oy vey.  Needless to say it was no Graco.  Lots of HUGE carseat puzzle.  In the end it all came together and looked great but I wont lie...I was worried for a bit.

Things I learned:
1.  Never underestimate how much time a "first pancake" project will take.
2. When doing something like this take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures so piecing it back together wont be so difficult
3. The later the hour the more seam ripping will be done...better to say goodnight before silly mistakes start to be made.
4. Always live close by to Ceri so she can bail me out of any sewing crisis...she did the canopy...again..time...I ran out. 
5. Just say no to European projects...period.
6. Check the "die lot" when buying bias tape all "just peachy"'s are not created equal
6. learn how to take better pictures...I'm in awe by so many crafters out there who know how to work a camera.  

The end result turned out awesome and my co-worker loved it! I'm in love with the gray, red, and peach combo.

And for an extra touch...a little cover totally tops it! To make your own go here.

An adorable carseat for an adorable little girl!


  1. I should have ordered my car seat cover from you! The one I bought to cover Adie's seat is falling apart! Great job!!

  2. i am in awe that you have green grass... ;) i can't believe there are really super people in this world who can do a project like this and live to tell the tale. great job!